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Codiad Plugins

Below are plugins tested and approved by the Codiad team. To install simply download and place the plugin's folder in (or git-clone into) the /plugins directory in Codiad. Then in the right-hand bar use the Plugins tool to enable the plugin. You can also easily write your own.

Name Description Author Download
CollaborativeAjax based Collaborative Plugin for Codiad. Requires version 2.x or newerCodiad|
TogetherAudio and Chat Support for Codiad. Not compatible with IE.daeks|
Active-Markdown-LinksMakes links in Markdown files active to be opened directlyglitchassassin|
ArchivesExtracts archives to given folderrafasashi|
AutoAlignAdds better formatting through variable alignment and spacingAndr3as|
AutoPrefixerParse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rulesAndr3as|
AutoUpdateHooks into the Codiad updater to allow for automatic updatedaeks|
BeautifyBeautify js, json, html or css filesAndr3as|
BookmarksSet bookmarks and jump between themAndr3as|
CSSLintLint your css code with CSSLintAndr3as|
ChromeToolkitChromeToolkit for Codiadolivierauverlot|
CodeDateAllows to insert the current date or timeAndr3as|
CodeDocsCreate your jsdoc documentation directly through the filemanagerAndr3as|
CodeGitGit integration for CodiadAndr3as|
CodePrintAllows to print filesAndr3as|
CodeSettingsCreate your own keybindingsAndr3as|
CodeTransferAllows FTP/SCP connection to remote serversAndr3as|
CoffeeScriptCompilerCoffeeScript Compiler for Codiaddev-rke|
ColorPickerSimple HEX and RGB color utilityFluidbyte|
CompassCompass integration plugin for Codiad IDEViniciusGerevini|
CompletePlusAlternative autocomplete; Expandable by pluginsAndr3as|
CompressCompress CSS and JS FilesAndr3as|
DeepLinkingProvides direct access linking for CodiadLRancez|
DiffViewerAllows user to compare 2 files and to see all changes made in itdaeks|
DocHubAccess DocHub resources directly from within CodiadFluidbyte|
DragDropDrag and Drop within the filemanagerAndr3as|
DuplicateDuplicate files directly through the filemanagerAndr3as|
EmmetAdd Emmet support to CodiadAndr3as|
FavoritesSet folders as favorites for quick accessAndr3as|
FileUseDisplays other users viewing the fileRustyGumbo|
GitAdminAllows for pulling repos into your current projectdaeks|
HTMLPreviewOpen html file as preview during editing a css fileAndr3as|
HtmlEntitiesSimple transformation of special char to their html codeneissa|
IconbarReach some commands directly from the rightbarAndr3as|
IgnoreHide/Ignore files and directories in the filemanagerAndr3as|
IncludeSets file links through autocompleteAndr3as|
JSHintLint your javascript code with JSHintAndr3as|
LessCompilerLess Compiler for Codiaddev-rke|
MacroAllows custom predefined shell commandsdaeks|
MarkdownPreviewDisplays a preview of markdown filesAndr3as|
MessagingAllows to send other users notification messagesRustyGumbo|
MinimapSmall minimap to get an overviewAndr3as|
OutlineParses function and class tags to be displayed in editorSmartBlug|
PermissionsAllows to change file permissionsAndr3as|
Query-DesignerThis plugin allow designing database queries through Codiad user interfaceJSXRED|
SVNAllows SVN connection to remote repositoriestholum|
SassCompilerSass/Scss Compiler for CodiadAndr3as|
SurroundWithAdds Surround (Eclipse) ability to add/wrap common functionsAndr3as|
TerminalAllows execution of terminal command through CodiadFluidbyte|
ToDoToDo Parser for Codiaddev-rke|
PluginTemplateBoilerplate for developing Codiad PluginsCodiad|
PullTesterUtil to view and pull requests from Codiad coredaeks|

Please note: While we test plugins before adding them to this list we cannot garuntee quality or provide any warranty. If you have any issues please address them directly with the plugin author.

Submit a Plugin / Theme

If you would like to submit a plugin or theme, please email the GitHub repository and description to dev[at] or open an issue on Github (New Issue).

Not sure how to get started? Check out the Codiad Plugin Template.

Support the Codiad Project

A LOT of time and energy has been put into the system, and there are a lot of new features in the works. If you like the system and would like to say thanks, here's your chance!